Free 20 Minute "Discovery Session"

Your PT Discovery Session is a free physical therapy consultation in Centerville, MN designed to figure out the primary causes of your pain, with no commitments or obligations on your part at all. You will meet with an expert Postural Restoration Certified physical therapist, in person, to discuss the injury or pain you’re experiencing. Together, we will create the best physical therapy treatment plan for your quick recovery!

Our expert physical therapists in Centerville respect you and your valuable time. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call or text us in advance at 612-643-0019. You can also provide us with a deeper understanding of the issue(s) you’re dealing with and help us prepare for your first free visit to our manual physical therapy clinic (6845 20th Ave, Suite 120 Centerville, MN 55038) by completing this short form (only takes a few minutes):

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