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Our Services

Resonance Physiotherapy & Sports Performance helps active people in Centerville, MN and area recover quickly from injuries. We can help you back to the activities you love without pain medications or surgery.


Postural Restoration®

The human body is not symmetrical. The neurological, respiratory, circulatory, muscular and vision systems are not the same on the left side of the body as they are on the right, and vice versa. They have different responsibilities, function, position, and demands on them.

This system asymmetry is a good thing and an amazing design. It allows the human body to be balanced through an integration of system imbalances. The torso, for example, is balanced with a liver on the right and a heart on the left. Extremity dominance is balanced through reciprocal function, as in the left arm moves with the right leg, and vice versa.

Dr. Tardif is specially trained to recognize the more common integrated patterns of human stance, extremity use, respiratory function, vestibular imbalance, mandibular orientation and foot dynamics and balance these patterns, as much as possible, through specific exercise programs that integrate correct respiration with left side or right side inhibitory or facilitatory function.

This is a highly effective approach to the practice of physical therapy and the outstanding results we are experiencing with our patients is evidence of its effectiveness.

Postural Dental Integration

This service uses Postural Restoration® concepts and dentistry. We work together with the client to improve positioning of the jaws, head and neck.

We do this most often with night guards (also called bite splints) that are worn on the lower teeth.

Our goal is to help you overcome many different body pains, muscle tension, dizziness, walking mechanics and many other problems.

These appliances can accelerate your recovery by helping to position your body in neutral state that allows the nervous system to be regulated. This allows for optimal rest and health and healing.

Postural Vision Integration

Through a combination of Postural Restoration® and PRI Vision® concepts and optometry, we are able to reduce the sympathetic nervous system, often referred to as “fight or flight” activity. This process can help to reduce muscle tension, headaches, allow for neck and other normal joint motion, and improve dizziness, balance, walking and many other symptoms.

Custom Postural Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics are designed to achieve improved ground reaction forces and assist in achieving neural/postural neutrality. This increases your overall freedom of movement for improved walking mechanics.

These custom orthotics are foot supports placed in your shoes to help your foot and ankle move as they should so that you can be as active as you wish. Our scientific approach is especially effective in helping our patients move again without pain because we objectively test the body with adjustment made to the orthotics to ensure the proper fit and function have been achieved.

Running Analysis     

We offer video Running Analysis. We start by doing a thorough analysis of your running form through use of multiple video angles to examine your running patterns to see if you are unconsciously doing something that might be inefficient or hindering your overall performance.

In addition to analyzing your running form, we also gather information on your running history, injuries you have incurred as a result of running, and your shoe wear. We combine this with objective tests from a Postural Restoration perspective to get an in-depth view of how your body is performing but also to direct techniques to improve overall mechanics and maximize performance, and avoid injuries. We will help find you the most appropriate running shoe that will assist you body in optimizing performance.

As we work together with you, you begin to see for yourself where the problems are located. A number of our clients visit us routinely just to get a new analysis to see if they are improving and if there are other things they can do to enhance their performance.

Mobility and Injury-Risk Assessment

If you suffer from repeat or recurring injuries to the point that you avoid certain activities you love because you feel the risk of hurting yourself is too high, a mobility and injury-risk assessment could be helpful.

In this one-hour process, we work with you to identify the factors that are most likely to cause you injury and keep you sidelined from the active lifestyle that you enjoy.

The assessment includes a movement screening to check for areas of concern that should be address. It is followed by a head-to-toe assessment to check if there are points of concern with your joints or soft tissue.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a special procedure that helps reduce acute or chronic pain in patients. It works by reducing muscle tension, promoting healing and increasing your range of motion.

You may benefit from dry needling if you have neck, back, or shoulder pain, arm pain, headaches, jaw pain, fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis of the joints or temporomandibular disorder (TMJ), among other conditions.

Dry needling involves having our specially trained and certified physical therapist insert a disposal acupuncture needle into your skin and muscle tissue.

It works because the needles are directed at the myofascial trigger points that cause and refer pain throughout the body. High concentrations of chemicals that cause pain can be found in these trigger points. When the needle is inserted, it helps to normalize these chemical levels and decrease muscle tension and pain.

Manual Therapy

At Resonance Physiotherapy and Sports Performance, we are skilled in delivering hands-on manual therapy to improve mobility in parts of your body where there may be restrictions, such as in joints, in connective tissues and in skeletal muscles.

Patients often feel relief from pain and enhanced mobility after only one session and a full treatment plan can be effective in a thorough healing of a painful injury. We urge you to seek physical therapy as soon as possible after an injury, since positive changes incur fastest if the injuries are recent. However, manual therapy is still effective on older injuries but more sessions may be required.

We are conscious as we deliver manual therapy to combine it with an in-depth evaluation and constant re-assessments to ensure that we are not only easing the pain where you are experiencing, but also to ensure that we resolve the true source of the pain and injury.

Therapeutic Cupping

Cupping therapy involves the physical therapist placing special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction.

It is designed to eliminate pain and inflammation and enhance blood flow and relaxation, but can also be used to increase soft tissue mobility especially around post-surgical scars

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is a research based treatment technique that effectively locates and treats soft tissue dysfunction.

At Resonance Physiotherapy & Sports Performance, we use ergonomically designed instruments in conjunction with our skilled physical therapist to locate restrictions and treat the affected area with appropriate pressure.

The treatment introduces controlled micro-trauma to the area being treated, which causes stimulation of a local inflammatory response. In turn, this prompts healing activities, including soft tissue remodeling, blood flow and reduced scar tissue.

IASTM has been found to improve a patient’s range of motion and strength while simultaneously reducing pain.

It is particularly effective in treating back and neck pain, chronic pain, post-surgical scars and many other aspects of musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Sports Medicine

At Resonance Physiotherapy & Sports Performance we are focused on helping active people recover quickly from sports injuries and get them back to activities they love to do without pain medications, injections or surgery.

We work with part-time and recreational athletes as well as competitive athletes. We are dedicated to help athletes at every level to actualize their health and well-being and maximize their performance.

We have a detailed understanding of sports injuries and the necessities related to recover in order to maximize participation.

We also develop specific customized corrective sports treatments adjusted to the athlete’s level of skill. Our therapies are sports specific as well as age specific to ensure that we assist each patient to increase their power and strength, agility and speed, according to their personal goals and capabilities

Strength and Conditioning

Certified Strength and Conditioning SpecialistR (CSCS) such as Tom Tardif, Doctor of Physical Therapy, are professionals who apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance.

In the process, they conduct sport-specific testing sessions, design and implement safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs, and provide guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention.

When deemed appropriate, they will consult with and refer athletes to other professionals to continue to improve their performance.

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